What kind of lotion is better to get a dark tan?

February 3rd, 2016 by webuser

Great question, thanks for asking. Everyone’s skin is different, and that’s why there are so many different products out there. The most important thing I’ve learned over the years is the product must have great hydrating properties and be specifically formulated for tanning. The reason for great hydrating ingredients is dry skin reflects light because it’s curved outward. The flatter the skin, the more UV light is allowed to pass through.

The next step is the micro-nutrients required by the cells that produce your pigmentation (melanocytes). No food for the cells = no great tan! This is the most important reason to purchase a professional indoor product specifically formulated for tanning. It helps you enhance your tan and protect your skin.

The next ingredient is what helps you stimulate increase blood flow; we need oxygen to tan. These ingredients have come a very long way since their inception. More oxygen to the surface of the skin, the better our tan. The melanocyte produces melanin (skin pigmentation) to surround your skin cell and protect from overexposure. UVA light and oxygen turn the pinkie melanin to brown as it puffs up over the skin cells.

To get that instant start on your tan, lotions use bronzer and ingredients that attach to your skin to turn you brown.  There are several types of bronzers, however the two most common types are instant and delayed bronzers. Instant bronzers sit topically on the skin to give instant gratification and will wash away in your shower. Of the professional delayed bronzers, DHA is the most common. It is a protein that attaches to your skin cells and oxidizes over time to turn you brown. Delayed bronzers paired with a professional body wash and tan extender can last up to 7 days or more!

I would suggest you contact your local JCTA Professional Salon at http://www.tanresponsibly.ca/ for further information on personalizing the right product for your skin.

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