How long should I tan for outside?

January 31st, 2016 by webuser

Thanks for your question. This depends on a number of factors; your Skin Type, the UV Index, your age, whether you have pre-tanned indoors, cloud cover and altitude. So lets look at each one:

Skin Type: You need to know your individual skin type — check out If you are a Skin Type 1, don’t try and get a tan. You’ll normally overexpose yourself, which is not good for you at all. Skin Type 2 to 6, you can achieve a tan, but the lower the number, the higher the risk of overexposure. Everyone need to acclimatize there skin, by slowly increasing their exposure. Don’t rush it; it will take time for you to see the tan come out. When indoor tanning, it normally takes 3 to 4 sessions before you start to see you tan.

Age: As we get older, it takes longer to get a tan, based on your Skin Type.

UV Index: The higher the UV index, the faster you will tan. This may sound great, but you want to start with a lower UV index like you would see in the Spring in Canada. This way you are acclimatizing your skin.

Pre-tanned skin with indoor tanning: This is why most people indoor tan; it’s a controlled environment with a trained and certified operator controlling the exposure of the equipment. This acclimatizes your skin for higher UV Index exposure, which also allows you to stay out longer without sunburning. Sunburning should be avoided at all cost.

Cloud Cover: This blocks UVB light from hitting the earth and slows the tanning process. You need UVB light to produce melanin (pigmentation) in your skin. You could say it reduces the UV Index.

Altitude: The higher you are, the more intense the UV light. So check the UV index before tanning outdoors.

With all these factors in mind, remember to go slowly and build your tan over time. There is a myth out there that “I need to burn to get a tan.” This is absolutely false. You actually stop the tanning process until you skin has repaired the burn. If you’re tanning correctly, you may see some slight pinkness on the surface of your skin before your pigment oxidizes and turns brown.

Please Tan Responsibly!

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