Are there any benefits of UV light?

October 20th, 2015 by webuser

There are many benefits to UV light exposure. Most people know about the sunshine vitamin, vitamin D. This is the only vitamin that your body produces naturally when UVB light hits your skin. But there is also new research showing UVA light helps produce nitric oxide, which lowers blood pressure to help reduce cardiovascular disease risk. There is also photoprotection you get from a tan – equivalent to about an SPF 6 chemical sunscreen. Did you know a tan is a multiplier for when you use a sunscreen? Humasn would not survive without sunlight. There are so many photoproducts being produced from sunlight, so abstinence is not the way to think. A group called, which was started by a breast cancer survivor, created a chart for disease prevention. Our association did some overlays based on research to show you how UV light can help.


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Remember, everything in moderation. Most risks that we encounter are about overexposure. Food, water and sunlight can all be risky when you overdo it.